Holidays are the best time to invest in a vending machine

A vending machine is a big purchase whether you are a small or large business owner. But it can have so many benefits. Having proper snacks and drinks will keep the employees happy and efficiency levels high during the stressful times of the holidays. Business owners should make the investment and offer proper snacks and drinks for employees AND take advantage of year end sale specials on purchasing the proper equipment.

Take a look at some slightly used equipment offered by Piranha. We only accept slightly used vending machines from credible individuals and/or businesses that never abused their equipment. They have all been throughly tested for optimal performance.  Depending on the model, some will still have the manufacturer’s warranty.  You can take advantage of in-stock sales going on right now and save hundreds on a great combo vending machine.  If you’re interested in one of our quality used machines at a great discount, give one of our representaties a call!

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