Keep Vending Sales High During Cold Winter Months

Colder weather tends to lower drink sales in your vending machines. The best thing to do is to concentrate on keeping fresh and enticing stock of snacks in your combo vendors. Look for danishes, mini donuts, fruit pies, cookies and fill them in your snack vendors. Entice even more sales by adding a hot drink vending machine. Most coffee machine models have the capacity to also make hot chocolates, hot teas, Lattes, and Mocha drinks. Give Piranha a call and we will help you pick out the perfect hot coffee vending machine to add to your existing snack area.

We all tend to feed our hunger based on visual interests. We are encouraged to try foods purely by aesthetics. Make sure you keep your vending machines clean and shiny free of finger prints, stickiness and dust. Wipe the glass front down so potential clients can clearly see the items they are interested in. Never put dirty snacks or drinks in your vending machine! If you have artwork on your units, make sure they are clean, crisp, and food related. Remember, you vending machines make the sales for you without ever having to be there! Help it do it’s job!

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