What To Do Once I order a Vending Machine from Piranha?

Congratulations! You ordered a quality vending machine from Piranha. Now that you have received tracking information, you can go to the website of the freight forward company and estimate the arrival of your vending machine. There is not much to do to a vending machine to start using it, but you should prepare your space by doing the following recommendations:

You should always be present when the vending machine is being delivered by the trucking company. A document has to be signed once you receive your equipment in good condition. In the event that a damage has occurred during transit, you can choose to note the damage on the shipping document and accept it, or you can refuse the shipment. You should also give us a call immediately and we can help guide you in the steps to ensure another machine will be shipped out to you as quickly as possible.

Once you remove all the packaging material around the vending machine, and place it in the designated spot of your choice, you are ready to plug in the vending machine. It is necessary that you never put your vending machine up against the wall. Your machine will need to be slightly away from the wall to give the refrigeration unit room to circulate it’s air. You do not have to worry about this if you purchase a snack machine or a vending machine that does not have a refrigeration unit inside. Once the compressor starts to cool your machine, it might take up to 48 hours to fully cool your drinks initially. It will continue to monitor the temperature and work just like a refrigerator and keep drinks cool at the factory set temperature (recommended).

Your vending machine should automatically be up and running after it is plugged into a power source. You are ready to take the key and open up your machine. The only thing left to do is fill your machine with products of your choice and set your prices for those items. You may need to look in your manual to find steps on how to set prices but it is always a very simple process. You can also give us a call and we will go through those steps with you.

That’s it! Congratulations again on your new purchase! You own a piece of equipment that works for you and services the people in and around your business.

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