The Battle For Top Vending Machine Sales

What sells better? Canned drinks or bottled drinks?

Canned drinks are cheaper to invest in, and can be found virtually anywhere. A lot of times you can find really good sales within your local grocery stores or super chain markets. Tin cans are durable and are shaped perfectly for easy loading into a vending machine. The variety is also tremendous. Virtually every type of drink is offered in a can drink format. As a vendor, it’s very economical to stock and offer canned drinks to their customers through drink vending machines.

Bottles drinks are popular because they hold more product. This is especially more attractive to the consumer in the summer months when beverages are consumed in bigger quantities. The variety capabilities are there but it is a bigger investment for the vendor to keep bottled drinks in stock.

You are better off as a vendor to offer both canned drinks and bottled drinks in your vending machine. That way, you are pleasing every single person that stops in front of you vending storefront. When investing in vending machines, make sure your drink machines can handle a combination of both canned and bottled drinks!

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