Prepare Your Vendor For Summer!

It’s hard to make your Vendor exciting sometimes, especially if you are a longtime Vendor to a business.  Here are a few simple tips that involves minimal cost to make your Vendor exciting again to your loyal customers!

Upgrade your vending machine by adding LED light strips.  This is a simple way to illuminate your glass front Vendor and make it attractive to the eye.  A typical life for LED light strip is right around 100,000 hours and they are pre-wired for easy installation.  This is a cost-effective way to instantly brighten up your selling space.

Make your Vendor MDB by putting a compatible, newer bill validator and coin changer.  Wipe down your parts so they can work efficiently when they accept dollars and coins.  Having clean equipment that are free from dust and particles will eliminate the bills from getting stuck.

Give your vending machine a whole new look by wrapping it with artwork!  Take a look at a sample we just recently did for a customer!  You can design your vendor to look like anything you want to attract more sale traffic!

If your vending machine has a live display area, make sure it is clean and attractive and the label is faced correctly.  Remember, nobody likes to buy drinks or snacks out of a dirty vending machine!  You want to make sure your sample displays are clean and shiny!

Change up some products in your vending machine.  Take out items that are not selling.  Ask around the office and find out what your customers would rather see in your Vendor.  Try and accommodate your customers as much as possible and you will see your sales jump this summer.

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