Refrigerated vs. Frozen Vending Machines

When a Vendor is trying to decide how he/she can provide more product variety to their walk-up cusomers, food vending machines might become a major consideration. When a busy locations already has a drink vending machine and a snack vending machine, how does the vendor create even more opportunities for higher sales? Frozen vending machines are the newest and most innovative way to bring different food items to the consumer.

Refrigerated vending machines are slowly replaced by frozen vending machines. Frozen vending machines are able to keep products available to consumers much longer. It will eliminate spoilage on products and have longer shelf-life.

Also, there are more variety in products available made as frozen items then refrigerated items. The possibilities are endless from ice cream treats, entrees, snacks, pizzas, soups, appetizers…you can create a full restaurant by having drink, snack, frozen vending machines and a microwave!

Invest in frozen vending machines instead of refrigerated machines!

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