Change Of Season – Change Your Variety!

You’ve enjoyed great sales this summer as a vendor.  The weather was hot.  Gatorades and iced teas practically flew out of your vending machines.  You tried to stay away from melty chocolates.  All year long, the sales were good for healthy and lighter items such as granola bars and pretzels.

The season has changed and so should the variety in your vending machines.  Time to clean the dust off your coffee and hot chocolate vending machines and make sure your hot water systems are working!  Think about offering oatmeal packets in your snack vending machines for those health conscious customers that need a proper morning start.  Let’s all admit that mini donuts and danishes are perfect along side your morning coffee or tea!  Ramen noodles come in flat packages and bowls to fit in your different sized coils.  (Not only that, it’s also a big-profit item!)

Once you changed a few varieties to accommodate cooler weather, don’t forget to wipe down your vending equipment!  You will not see your sales slow down if your change the variety with the season!  Happy Vending!

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