Piranha Founder Bio

Curt Briguglio is the founder of Piranha, LLC, a company that provides high quality vending machines and introduces everyday people to become new business owners.  Curt has been in the vending machine industry for over 14 years.  He has personally worked with hundreds of individuals all over the U.S. and Canada in developing individual vending routes, installing vending machines, working with business locations, and many other innovative aspects of this business.

Curt, “I have worked with manufacturing companies on designs of snack and drink vending machines, bulk candy machines, and even coffee and frozen food vending machines.  I have also personally developed vending routes and serviced local businesses.  There isn’t anything I haven’t done in this industy and I have been successful at it all!  And now I’m ready to share all my trade secrets to the public.”

Learn Curt’s simple formula to create an income in the vending business.  Discover the simple secrets to a time-tested system that you can build a solid business with.  Invest in your own future!

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