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How To Fix A Vending Machine Refrigeration

Take the refrigeration unit out of the vending machine. Determine what the possible problem is by checking for the following: Low Freon R134A Broken Relay Broken Temp Relay Broken Evaporator or condensor fans Block in Cappilary line Repair the problem … Continue reading

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Background on Piranha

The Piranha vending system was created with the concept of coming up with a simple, profitable formula for anyone who wants to get into the vending business. ¬†Years of experience with different types of vending machines earned a field-tested knowledge … Continue reading

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Number One Mistake Most People Make While Loading A Vending Machine

Ever wonder why you’re always the one unable to get your product when trying to use a vending machine? The fact is, there is a science to loading the products into a vending that will prevent it from jamming! Always … Continue reading

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Vending Machines In Schools Not A Contributor To Child Obesity

Childhood obesity has been on the rise at an astounding rate. ¬†Health experts have been looking for answers everywhere from school cafeterias, fast food restaurants, social classes, and all family scenarios (such as divorce parents), to try and come up … Continue reading

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