New Coca-Cola Bottle Disappears After You Drink It!

Coca-Cola has a way to keep a Coke chilled the entire time you drink it….then disappears without any waste after you are done!

The new Coca-Cola is available and bottled completely in ice!  They have the shape of the original glass Coke bottles…..only it’s made out of ice.  There is a red rubber band that accompanies the drink so you can hold the bottle without getting frozen fingers; and it doubles as a bracelet once you are done with the beverage and the bottle has melted away!  This is such a great summer concept! Imagine taking these Cokes with you on the beach all day and staying cool with these drinks: you will not accumulate any waste when you leave. The bottles will just melt away in the sun!

Unfortunately, these ice bottled Cokes are only currently available in Columbia.  And we’re not sure if there’s distribution and storage problems with these ice bottles.  But check out this video for this innovative marketing product from Coke!


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