Step By Step On Moving A Vending Machine

Moving_Vending_MachineHere are the step by step basic rules that anyone can apply when moving a vending machine!  It is best to have 2 or more people do this job to keep things simple and injury free.

  • Empty the vending machine.

Always empty the vending machine before you plan to move it.  Take out all of the snacks, drinks, and change from the machine.  You do not want them to get disorganized and potentially break and make a huge mess!  Taking the extra few minutes to do this will save you from cleaning up a broken can of spilled beverage everywhere!

  • Measure doorways and hallways

Make sure your vending machine will fit through any doors and hallways that you are planning to go through.  You may have to take off some doors to go through them.  If you do, make sure you bring the proper tools to pop those doors easily.  Doing this will make sure you do not damage any areas with your vending machine.

  • Tie up the power chords

Tie the power chords of the vending machine with regular plastic twist ties.  You do not want to accidentally run the chords over with your dolly or step on them and potentially fall.  Take the time to wind them up neatly so they are out of the way.

  • Have a furniture dolly

furniture dollyIf you have a regular dolly, you can go ahead and use it to move your vending machine.  But you will also need a moving blanket and a strap to tie the vending machine to the dolly.  Using a furniture dolly is the easiest way because it has 4 wheels and the vending machine can be placed on it without the potential of tipping in a direction that you do not want it to go.  Once you have the vending machine securely on a furniture dolly, you can literally wheel it anywhere you want it to go.

  • Wipe down machine

Make sure you wipe down your vending machine once you place it in it’s new home location.  Wipe away hand prints and any dirt or debris that may have landed on your vending machine.  Make it look new and fresh and it will be ready to serve it’s new customers.

  • Refill machine

securedownload_3Refill your vending machine with fresh snacks and drinks.  Make sure all of the prices coordinate with the items and make any changes if necessary.  Fill the coin changer (if applicable) with change so the vending machine is ready to operate.

  • You are ready for business!
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