Summer Heat Makes Your Vending Machine Work Harder

compressor systemJust like the air conditioning to your house, warmer summer temperatures makes a vending machine work harder to keep cool.  You can do a few simple things to make sure that it’s going to “keep it cool” in the hot summer months.

  • Make sure that your vending machine is located in a cool, dry place.  This will prevent the vending machine from constantly turning on and trying to cool when it’s surrounding temperatures are getting higher and higher.  Moving your vending machine to a room where it has ambient temperatures and less humidity will safe the compressor.  Also, avoid direct sunlight!


  • Check the seal of your vending machine.  When the vending machine door is closed and ready for use, check the seal of the door to make sure that it is shut tightly and no air is circulating into the machine.  Try not to open the vending machine for long periods of time while refilling products to allow too much humidity to the inside compartments.


  • You can check the temperature control on your vending machine.  Ideally, they should be set between 36-42 degrees Fahrenheit.  Most vending machines will be factory set to the optimal temperature so you shouldn’t have to mess with it.  You should never change the temperature of your vending machine unless you call the manufacture and get detailed information on how to do so.


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