The Importance Of The Bill of Lading During Shipping

Congratulations on choosing Piranha to purchase a vending machine!  You should be receiving your vending machine very shortly.  A Bill of Lading will be created for your shipment to help ensure transit of your vending machine.  Here’s some important facts you need to know:

  • A Bill of Lading is a document signed by a carrier (a transporter of goods) or the carier’s representative (driver) and issued to a consignor (the shipper of goods) that evidences the receipt of goods for shipment to a specified designation and person.

All of the information below will be noted on your Bill of Lading for your reference:

  • Shipper and receivers complete names and addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Reference numbers, PO, sales order number or other numbers that a shipper may use for their own internal purposes.
  • Ship date
  • Description of the merchandise being transported complete with National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) item number and the actual class of the product.
  • Individual piece counts as well as the number of handling units such as pallets or pails.
  • The exact weight of the goods being transported and the declared value of the goods.
  • Any specialized instructions or additional services that may be required at the time of delivery such as a lift gate, call before delivery.  Accessorial charges will apply for these services.

Don’t forget to thoroughly inspect your merchandise once you receive the shipment from driver.  You will be asked to signed the Bill of Lading which will act as a legal document that you have received merchandise and accepted it’s condition.  If your merchandise has been damaged, do not accept shipment and do not sign the Bill of Lading, and contact Piranha immediately.



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