Understanding shipping services

Lift gate Pickup and Delivery
If you don’t have a dock, you may need to schedule a lift gate to load your freight shipment onto the truck. If the freight receiver doesn’t have a dock, a lift gate will be necessary to unload the shipment. Schedule lift gate pickup and delivery when getting a quote to avoid delays and additional charges.
Inside Pickup and Delivery
If your freight needs to be picked up or delivered to the inside of a business or commercial location rather than a receiving area, there may be an additional charge.
Residential/ Non-commercial
If you are picking up or delivering a shipment to a residential area, most carriers charge an extra fee. Depending on the carrier, fees may be applied to residential homes, farms, ranches, or businesses located within a residential area.
Reweigh and Inspection Fees
Carriers routinely inspect shipments to ensure the proper weight and class information is listed on the BOL. If the weight increases and/or class of your shipment is incorrectly listed on the BOL, the carrier will make the correction and weight and inspection fees will be assessed in addition to any extra shipping charges.
Limited Access
Freight pickups or deliveries to locations that have limited or secured access such as prisons, schools, churches, airports and construction areas will require an additional fee.

In addition, some fees are incurred when your shipping plans or schedule changes. Ensure that your shipments are ready for pickup and delivery as scheduled and you can avoid or reduce these common penalty charges.

Re delivery
If nobody is available to accept a delivery, or if the delivery is changed to a new location, a re delivery fee will be applied.
Vehicle Not Used
If your shipment is not ready when the driver arrives for a scheduled pickup, you will be charged a fee. Avoid this fee by canceling or rescheduling pickups before the driver is deployed.


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