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FR800 FR850 side

• Selections: 20 Snack / 6 Cold Drink
• Industrial grade design for lasting reliability.
• Beautiful black and gray powder coat finish.
• Stylish compact two piece design – easy to transport, assemble, and set up.
• Compact size: Allows more mobility, more locations
• Flexible Merchandising: Vends a wide variety of popular and health oriented snacks
• and five different sizes of beverage cans and plastic bottles.
• Large snack capacity: 200 Snacks
• Large cold drink capacity; 138 cans / 37 bottles
• Versatile: Vends a variety of candy bars, snacks, nuts, bagged chips,
• popcorn and pastries
• Slide out tilting snack and candy shelves for fast and easy loading.
• Illuminated product windows enhances sales.
• Coin changer and four way bill acceptor provides purchasing flexibility and ease of use.
• Individual product pricing from $0.05 to $99.95
• Keypad and digital display provide easy item selection and visible credit value.
• Seperate locking cash compartments provides maximum security.
• CFC free modular cooling system, environmentally safe and electrically efficient.
• Drinks Stay Cold – Adjustable Thermostat
• Optional Wireless Credit Card Acceptor Available
• Requires little maintenance and is easy to set up and operate.

FR800 FR850 openSpecifications:
• Dimensions: 76″H x 31″W x 29″D
• Electrical: 110-120 VAC, 60 Hz, 2.5 Amps
• Selections: 20 Snacks – 6 Drinks
• Snack Capacity: Top Tray – A1-A5 holds 35 snacks (5 rows x 7 snacks)
• Middle Tray – B1-B6 holds 48 snacks (6 rows x 8 snacks)
• Bottom Tray – C1-C9 holds 117 snacks (9 rows x 13 snacks)
• Drink Capacity: D1-D3 holds 46 (12oz.) cans each
• D4 holds 13 (16.9oz.) bottles or 15 (8.3oz.) cans
• D5-D6 holds 11 (20oz.) bottles or 12 (16.9oz.) bottles
• Pricing: Individual From $0 To $99.95
• Refrigeration : 1/3 HP (115 VAC); R134a Refrigerant; Closed System
• Weight: 590 Lbs.
FR800 850 MT870Accept Credit Cards
Optional Cashless Payment – USA Technologies ePort Edge:
• One Piece Solution
• Faster Transaction Processing
• Remote Over the Air (OTA) Update of Software
• Mag Stripe Only Supporting All Major Credit Cards
• 16 x 2 LCD Display and LED Indicator for Transaction Status
• An ‘End’ Button to Complete or Cancel Transactions
• MDB and DEX Interfaces (Compatible with Most Vendors)
• Diagnostic Display to Simplify Configuration
• Available as an Audit Only Device
• Supports Isolated Pulse Interface with Configurable Timing to Simulate Coin
• Mechanisms & Bill Validators
• External Relay Control So You Can Turn On An External Device with a Credit Card
• Universal Mounting and Plug-In Antenna
• Typically, No External Power Supply Needed.

Fortune Credit Card2

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